You Are Loved ❤️

weekly card readings Feb 11, 2019

Happy Valentines Day week!

What do you love in your life?  What “Sparks Joy”?

I personally love what I do - I love talking to you and doing readings for you.  I love talking at events or facilitating a workshop or retreat.  Of course I love my family so, so much and I'm excited that Jenkins will be coming home for reading week and then the 3 of us are going skiing to Powder King.  I will admit I haven’t skied for a while and am a bit nervous, but i'll stretch myself and get up on those skis while praying for warm weather!  

Here is your card reading for the next couple weeks all about Love, love, love - compassion, empathy and unconditional love.

I love YOU!   

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Find the Light! 🌟

weekly card readings Jan 21, 2019

Dear Friends,

As we are now well into Jan. 2019 how are you doing?  This can be a low energy time of year many of us, so if you’re struggling at all, please reach out for some support and connection.  You are not alone, and you don't have to do it alone.  
I've had my own low days this month. On Jan.1st we lost Daren’s Dad - Don McKim.  He was a true patriarch of our family and will be deeply missed.
Within these days of ups and downs I want to help you find the LIGHT!  Today is a Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! WOW!  A lunar eclipse at the time of a full moon is like a full moon on steroids and you might feel like you can’t keep up right now.  
What does this Lunar Eclipse mean for you?  You might be feeling more emotional than normal.  Take lots of deep breaths and stay flexible.
Here is a video and written card reading to help you navigate this time. 
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What Brings You Joy?

weekly card readings Aug 26, 2018

Here’s your card reading for the week with a focus on Crossroads and Change:


BODY: Mountain Pose– Balance . Stabilized
This card is telling you to find the balance in your life this fall between work, play, scheduling and relaxation.  When you have the balance then you will be able to put more energy into what you want in your life.  What will bring you joy and happiness

MIND: Third Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra– Power . Courage . Visible
Here you are being asked to find the courage to be seen, allowing your unique individuality to be visible and powerful.  Mentally know that you are here for a purpose and courageously keep moving towards it.

SPIRIT: Mudra– Energy . Symbolic
There are signs reminding you ALL the time that you are on your right path.  Perhaps you find a dime, feather, see various animals or notice lights flickering telling that you that you are not alone and are fully supported.

Love and Namaste,
Candace xoxox

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Vriksasana – TREE: Forethought and Patience

weekly card readings Jul 23, 2018

Here is your video card reading and demonstration of this pose.

Check out in the video below my trick for not getting off balance.
Tree pose is about nurturing the seeds that you planted in the spring.  It’s summer time and you had the forethought to plant seeds of ideas and inspiration in the spring, now you need to be patient for the seeds to grow to provide fruit in the fall.  Make sure that at this time when things have slowed down, to nurture yourself and the little plants that are growing and spreading!  Don’t pull them out, give them a chance to get bigger and better!!!

You are loved,

Candace McKim

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What is Yoga?

weekly card readings May 28, 2018

What is YOGA?   

Clearing up some misconceptions about Yoga and Asana.

I just got back from a big power walk/run and then hit my mat for some asana.  i’m in a bit of “training” for an adventure that we have coming up so have been increasing my daily workouts and checking in with my diet.
Today though, I want to talk about some misconceptions some may have about Yoga and Asana.

1.  Some people don’t think that yoga is very challenging, that we are just sitting around OMing.  This is completely not true.  There are many different yoga styles some more challenging than others.  However, In all of the yoga postures we keep our entire body engaged, holding postures so that each of our muscles get worked. Then as we move through postures we use our arms to hold up our entire body weight, instead of isolating 1 muscle and using a certain amount of weight to pump.

2.  The other misconception is that Yoga is ONLY about exercise...

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A Nod to Mothers

weekly card readings May 14, 2018

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there, as well as the feminine healing energy that our world needs right now. Notice the importance of mother energy and lets fully value it as we see it’s worth in our lives and everyone on this planet.

Here is your 3 – card oracle reading for this next week with a nod to Mothers, Mother Energy and your HerStory!

BODY: CHANTING– Sound . Vibration
Chanting allows the molecules of our body to tingle, expand and heal all of our HerStories.

MINDCOBBLER/BUTTERFLY– Opening . Transformation
Open up to all the healing energy of the 2nd chakra. Transforming and accepting our goddess, feminine energy or being a yogini.

SPIRIT: 3rd EYE CHAKRA– Intuition . Purpose . Perception
Yes you have the answers within you already.  What is your soul saying to you on how to heal your Herstory. See the value of all the great things that you do and bring to your family and community.

Love and Namaste,

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Step Up Into Your Purpose

weekly card readings Apr 30, 2018

What a whirlwind trip Vicky and I were on to Toronto and New York for yoga conferences.  I want to begin with us collectively sending love and prayers to our country.  On the day we left for Toronto, jersey’s were worn showing Humbolt that we are all feeling their loss.  The restaurant we went for dinner in downtown Toronto had a hockey stick leaning at their entrance. Then tragically on the day we left Toronto to come home, we hear about a van that killed and injured many pedestrians.  With all of this going on, how and why do we want to stay connected to our purpose?

It is more important than ever to step up into your purpose or dharma.  Our intuition is our soul speaking to us and we need to take action towards what we are meant to do in this lifetime.  I know it’s scary and we often don’t know what we are suppose to do.  We don’t know what our purpose is or why we are being guided to do certain things.  We need...

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