Online Offerings

From monthly workshops, to weekly Coaching Calls, find out how YOU can connect with Candace.

Circle Of Women 4

9 Month Intuitive Coaching Program. Looking for some guidance as you begin a new chapter in your life? Receive incredible support with our weekly Group Coaching Calls along with 3 One on One Sessions with Candace.


Circle Of Writers 

Bi-Weekly support group for anyone who is writting a novel, lifestyle blog, meditation for students or text for your business.


Intuitive Mentorship Coaching Program

This monthly program provides a lot of personal attention for you to explore and get clear about your life purpose, how to get where you are going and how to stay in your energetic core. Connect with Candace bi-weekly for 60 minute personal online or telephone sessions. 


Yogini's Guide - Online Monthly Workshops

Candace McKim will be offering LIVE, online workshops! Choose from Workshops on Intuition, Pendulums, Chakras and even Oracle Card readings!


Develop Your Intuition- Online Course

Delve deep into self-exploration of your intuition with this self-study course comprised of videos to watch, downloadable audio files to listen to, a manual to print with questions to answer and a beautiful meditation.


1-on-1 Sessions

Group calls are good but sometimes you need something more personal that is focused on just you. Candace offers a variety of Intuitive One on One Sessions for you to choose from that can be done over the phone or online.


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