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Public Speaker

Candace has guided thousands throughout North America to courageously identify their purpose and then, by following intuitive guidance, attract abundance, opportunities and happiness as they fully show up in their life.

Intuition is a Choice

As a captivating speaker, (both virtually and in-person) Candace McKim inspires a variety of audiences with her ability to connect in a humorous, relatable and authentic way. As Candace shares stories of how she has or has not followed her intuition, you will fully recognize your own inner guidance. Candace demystifies the practice of using our intuition and includes it as part of daily life so that we can jump fully into purpose, joy, fulfilment, possibilities and connection.


With background in Social Work and years of experience leading intimate groups to large crowds, Candace is an expert speaker, seminar leader, workshop facilitator, and retreat guide. Publicly, you can find Candace through her TEDx talk, a multitude of retreats both locally and Internationally as well as through her published book; “Yogini’s Guide: Intuition is a Choice.” Candace has experience working as a teacher, Keynote speaker, and counsellor.

Key Note Speaking Topics

Women & Worth,
Wealth & Wellness

 These words Women and Worth, Wealth and Wellness ignite passion!  
Candace McKim inspires WOMEN to get excited about re-connecting to powerful divine femininity by truly honouring personal herstories.  With Candace’s wise and fun-loving style, reclaim your WORTH to navigate confidently in todays society, recognizing opportunities for WEALTH, joy and abundance. Gain clarity on your purpose while maintaining a strong focus on WELLNESS and sustainability. 
As an everyday woman Candace combines yoga/meditation practices with extensive counselling experience, supporting you to courageously connect to your intuition, purpose and dreams.  It takes confidence to live with compassion!

Intuition Is A Choice

Intuition Is A Choice is an interactive talk for deep exploration of your intuition, identify intuitive hits, and trust your inner guidance. Many of us feel stuck in life situations and experiences that are not serving our highest good. In this workshop Candace helps you to connect to your inner voice, and once connected, concrete opportunities begin manifesting to reveal your true path. Gain clarity on your next step, how to move through fear, challenges and discomfort towards living your most purposeful life. Our Intuition Is Our Soul Speaking To Us!
What will you take away from Candace’s workshop?
1) A strong connection to your intuition to easily recognize the intuitive decisions you made.
2) Clarity of your purpose and how to stay on that path
3) Practical tools for you to continue developing your intuition

Watch my BLU talk on Women, Worth, Wealth & Wellness below!


"Your Intuition is your soul speaking to you!"

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