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Intuitive Coaching Academy  

With Candace McKim & Guest Instructors

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Use your Intuition

We believe, everyone has an intuition.  Our intuition is just another one of our senses; sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, and intuition! Just like all of our senses, our intuition can become even more developed and effective. 

Tap into your Inner Wisdom

You probably are already using your intuition and inner wisdom to help you make decisions, support others and intuitively coach the people in your household, workplace and community.  The question is, are you fully living up to your purpose of helping people and having the impact that you desire?


Our Teaching Philosophy 


Students of the certified intuitive coaching program are people who are aware of energy, on a spiritual path with a strong desire to help people.  They are or want to work for themselves, they feel like they’re intuitive (even though they may doubt themselves) and are itching to do their work in the world and make a bigger impact, yet aren’t sure how to bring it all together. 


Through the Intuitive Coaching Academy certification program, we strive to provide all of our students with a depth of knowledge, hands-on practicality, and new perspectives so that they will be able to weave and integrate it with their own inner wisdom and experiences into a kickass business. 


Our 6-month, live, on-line, Intuitive Coaching Academy starts on November 9th, 2021 at 9:00AM and we'll be meeting every Wednesday for 2-3 hours. It's an incredibly, full comprehensive program to educate each participant on the ins and outs of how to counsel, how to fully support clients to connect to, hear and listen to their intuition and

here's the BONUS:  

You'll also receive clear, actionable steps on how to get your business up and running right away!!!


We aim to teach all the skills for each student to be able to coach others on their journey, to be of service and to help.  Students will be able to do this in a way that is sustainable, to prevent burn out and over giving by aligning with your values, create boundaries and thrive.


 Maybe you’ve known all along that you have a calling to help others, OR maybe you had an awakening that made you sit up and take note.  However it happened!  YOU have been chosen!  You're needed more than ever, to take your experiences and help others live a purposeful and courageous life.


The men and women you'll coach are yearning for guidance, clarity, support and new perspectives on their personal stresses, as they navigate through their days/lives.  Your clients need someone to listen to them, support them to find their voice and permission to be themselves. 


They desire a new way of looking at their situations, a place to gain insight, understanding, direction and courage to create harmony in their life as they step into their own big visions, dreams and desires.

We BOTH know you are the person to create this support, offer this for others and become the light you are meant to be!!!  Is the Intuitive Coaching Academy your next step?

Next Steps

Early Bird


Price includes: Certification training, videos, audio, workbook PDF's, Live Online sessions with Candace McKim and other experts...and so much more. 


Early Bird


Price includes: Certification training, videos, audio, workbook PDF's, Live Online sessions with Candace McKim and other experts...and so much more. 


Find out what others think of the Intuitive Coaching Academy

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The Intuitive Coaching Academy tools are priceless and they helped me build my own program.  The support is great plus I now have so much confidence.  This training really builds our confidence and gives us the validation to get started.  As soon as I heard about this training I Intuitive KNEW I needed to do it. 

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Brenda Finch

I knew in my gut I wanted to serve, help and support other women but was unsure how and even why I had this urge.  When I came across the Intuitive Coaching Academy I immediately signed up for a clarity call with Candace.  During this call we discussed the potential of diving into my current gifts as well as going into how to develop a business to provide this service.  I was struggling with determining where my intuitive strengths were and trying to get past my “perfectionism” tendencies which hindered my expansion and growth.  Candace helped me work though these challenges to trust in myself and know things will work out with divine timing and design a business around my intuitive skills.  With this Intuitive Coaching Academy I feel capable and eager to launch my own business in a way that feels aligned to my purpose.

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Ashley Fisher

 Like so many others I was laid off due to Covid, so I found myself asking “where do I go from here?” And that’s when I discovered the Intuitive Coaching Academy.  As I asked myself what’s next, I felt a lack of purpose, drive and motivation. I was truly unsure about what direction I wanted to proceed in. What is different about the Intuitive Coaching Academy, is that it took all the different trainings I have done over the past 4 years and showed me how I can use those trainings, combined with my intuition, to help other women level up in their lives.   Thanks to the Intuitive Coaching Academy, I am able to move forward with confidence and easily identify what opportunities align with my true self. 

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