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Who is Candace McKim ~ Yogini's Guide?


Candace McKim’s spiritual path began at a very young age. Yoga postures were done on the front lawn, at 13 yrs she was taught and began her daily practice of Transcendental Meditation. Consciousness encouraged her to become vegetarian and along with extensive travelling she gravitated into the helping field of Social Work.

Intuition guided Candace out of a Government Social Work career and into self-employment as a Yoga Therapist and Intuitive Coach. Along with more than two decades of experience teaching yoga and meditation, Candace holds certification in Integrated Yoga Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Yoga for Cancer Survivors, was a Senior Leader with Off the Mat Into the World and a Spiritual Activist to END human and sexual trafficking. 

After raising $20,000 for victims of sex trafficking in India, Candace travelled to bare witness to the oppression of women and the remarkable work these organizations were doing. Continuing on Spiritual Pilgrimage of India and the 64 Yoginis, Candace met herself to open even more to living her life purpose.

Upon returning home Candace sold her successful studio and found time to write her book Yogini’s Guide – Intuition Is A Choice and complete Yogini’s Guide to Intuition Oracle Cards.

These past few years have been dedicated to teaching and speaking about intuition and purpose all around North America and includes a TEDx talk.

Now, Candace and her husband Daren are empty nesters living in Alberta, Canada.  

Candace found that there are so many incredibly talented women who are not using their training and gifts to make the impact and income they desire.  This is why Candace founded the Intuitive Coaching Academy online certification training.


Through the Intuitive Coaching Academy Certification Training, IGNITE business training for Soulpreneurs, interactive workshops, inspirational talks, personal coaching, retreats, and her books, Candace guides you to identify your path, supporting you to courageously stay connected to your intuition and value your feminine power. What is Yogini?


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Yogini’s Guide – Intuition Is A Choice Book & Yogini's Guide to Intuition Oracle Cards. Candace demystifies the practice of using our intuition and includes it as part of daily life. Purchase both and receive a special discount!!

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