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What is Yoga?

weekly card readings May 28, 2018

What is YOGA?   

Clearing up some misconceptions about Yoga and Asana.

I just got back from a big power walk/run and then hit my mat for some asana.  i’m in a bit of “training” for an adventure that we have coming up so have been increasing my daily workouts and checking in with my diet.
Today though, I want to talk about some misconceptions some may have about Yoga and Asana.

1.  Some people don’t think that yoga is very challenging, that we are just sitting around OMing.  This is completely not true.  There are many different yoga styles some more challenging than others.  However, In all of the yoga postures we keep our entire body engaged, holding postures so that each of our muscles get worked. Then as we move through postures we use our arms to hold up our entire body weight, instead of isolating 1 muscle and using a certain amount of weight to pump.

2.  The other misconception is that Yoga is ONLY about exercise or what we call Asana.  Again this is so not true and in fact only ONE EIGHTH of Pantajali’s 8-limbs of yoga is dedicated to exercise or yoga postures. The reason the yoga postures were created were to help young men (13-18 yrs of age) get rid of their physical energy so then they would be able to sit and meditate.  Of the 8 – parts of yoga FOUR are dedicated to meditation, 1 to breath, 1 to our environment and 1 to social guidelines / societal laws.

My book, cards, philosophy, teachings, talks, intuitive coaching are about ALL EIGHT aspects of yoga.  Identifying how they all work together in creating healthy lives so that we can then follow our Intuition to live Dharma or Purpose.
My intention for this card reading is for us to take a look at our practices with a focus on exercise.

BODY:  Plow – Slow . Steady
It doesn’t matter where your body is right now, keep moving your body every day and do what feels good for you.  Perhaps increasing your practice this week.

MIND:  Diet – Nourishment . hydration
When we up or exercise program we are drawn to eating healthier and drinking lots of fresh clean water. Add a little tea in your water to give it some flavour.  Eating foods full of colour, nutrition, to go along with how good your feeling from your exercise.

SPIRIT:  Head Stand – King . Challenge
You might want to challenge yourself by planning a challenge that will keep you motivated and focus on your exercise practice right now.  How can you challenge yourself physically?

I would love to hear from you:   What you are doing to challenge yourself!!!

You are loved,
Candace McKim


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