weekly card readings Jun 03, 2019
We are in a time of immense change!  What I've discovered from my clients and the people that I’m in daily contact with, is that Daren and I are far from the only ones going through a year of change.  Most everyone I talk with are also going through a lot; changing jobs, selling homes and moving, changes in relationships, health issues and losses.
The thing is, we know that change is constant, we are always going through change and hopefully growth.  The balance that we long for seems fleeting and not very satisfying.
Fortunately, we can tap into inner strength and happiness even when the circumstances around us are unstable and shaky.
Take a look at this weeks card reading by Mexico retreat participant Dawn Doll-Fraser and myself, to help you move through change and the unsettled energy that you may be experiencing.  Your tools for coping and managing are more important than ever this summer.
Watch the full video HERE-

Intention for the card reading is:  Awareness

BODY:  Downward Facing Dog - Efficiency, Routine.  
You may need to get disciplined about your routine (inner work and physical practices) this week to find your ground within change and chaos.  Is it exercise you need to increase?  Do you need to start a gratitude journal where you write down 5 things each day that you are grateful for?  Do you need to add more sleep?  Add 1/2 an hour each night and notice the difference. Or, do you need to hire a coach for support and guidance?  Email [email protected]
MIND:  Boat Pose - Humour . Laughter
When life gets chaotic and change pushes you well out of your comfort zone, you may find yourself so overwhelmed that you can either go to the bathroom and have a big cry OR you can laugh out loud.  Sometimes by finding humour in how bizarre things are can bring you back to yourself.  Add lots of laughter into your everyday life.
SPIRIT:  Third Eye Chakra - Intuition . Purpose and Perception
Feeling what comes to you, notice signs.  
In my retreats we dive into understanding, recognizing and following intuitive guidance.  If you are ready to explore your intuition more take a weekend and join me on retreat this summer in Alberta, Canada!!!  Aug 9, 10 and 11th.  For more information on the retreat, click HERE-->
Enjoy the ride my friend!
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