Step Up Into Your Purpose

weekly card readings Apr 30, 2018

What a whirlwind trip Vicky and I were on to Toronto and New York for yoga conferences.  I want to begin with us collectively sending love and prayers to our country.  On the day we left for Toronto, jersey’s were worn showing Humbolt that we are all feeling their loss.  The restaurant we went for dinner in downtown Toronto had a hockey stick leaning at their entrance. Then tragically on the day we left Toronto to come home, we hear about a van that killed and injured many pedestrians.  With all of this going on, how and why do we want to stay connected to our purpose?

It is more important than ever to step up into your purpose or dharma.  Our intuition is our soul speaking to us and we need to take action towards what we are meant to do in this lifetime.  I know it’s scary and we often don’t know what we are suppose to do.  We don’t know what our purpose is or why we are being guided to do certain things.  We need guidance and support to get clear and to move through fear.  If you are feeling this way please reach out to us.  This is the purpose of A Circle Of Women or hire an Intuitive Coach and meditate.  If not you, then who?  If not now, when?

BODY:  PLANK– Strength . Capabilities
This card is telling you that following your purpose and intuitive guidance might get challenging, difficult and uneasy.  You might ask yourself “Can I do this?”  The answer is a resounding “YES!”  a great big “Hell YES!!!!”  You’ve got this!  Go for it!  Go BIG!!!

MIND:  MOUNTAIN– Balance . Stabilized
This pose is saying that when life gets uncomfortable and you are going through challenges to find your balance.  Stop and listen to your own inner guidance instead of being influenced by others.  Maintain your positive outlook to keep your vibration resonating high.

SPIRIT:  SECOND CHAKRA:  Creativity . Sensuality . Intimacy
Here you are being guided to stay in your creative and flowing energy.  When you follow your intuitive guidance and are lead to do things or go places, it might not be exactly as you expected.  When you find yourself second guessing your decision connect to your flow, your ability to be guided and trust, trust, trust that there is a bigger picture that you are not able to see at this time!

Love and Namaste,
Candace xoxox

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