Spring Love

weekly card readings Apr 22, 2019

Happy Spring Everyone;

I’m back in Canada after a glorious month of travel and adventures!!!  The Intuitive Self-Card retreat in Mexico was amazing and transforming for everyone, we’ve already started planning the next one. Let’s us know if you want to be the first to hear when it’s happening!!!

Daren and I are still deep into change and I don’t even know what to tell you except that we are taking it all one experience at a time and finding synchronicity and amusement along the way.  We said goodbye to our acreage and home of 18 years, but haven’t left completely!   We've decided to take a breather by staying in Grande Prairie for a bit longer to allow us some time to figure things out, open to possibilities and meditate on opportunities. It’s kind of a fun place to be, yet limiting beliefs, fear and questions plague me with each step forward.  Time to plant some more seeds!!!

We're well into Spring where we have an opportunity to plant seeds, dream and put energy into what we want to create in our life.  What are you creating?  We set intentions at the beginning of 2019 and chose a word to focus on, so now come back to your word and take some time to contemplate if your word is still working for you.  Do you need to revamp your intention, change up your word or go a step further by creating a purpose statement?  Once you create a purpose statement then put it into your phone calendar each day as a reminder of where you are going and then relax into the sunshine and smell the flowers.  If you want to dive further into your Purpose Statement book a session to gain clarity and focus or join me on retreat in Aug. where we will each create our own personal purpose statement.

Enjoy this Intuitive Card Reading by Shelley Davie of Body in Balance Intention for your card reading is about bringing in Balance:

1.  BODY:  Mudra - Energy . Symbolism
Looking for signs and symbols and looking at your own intuition. Knowing when your energy gets off balance and tap into your tools to bring you back into balance.  Breath, Exercise, Meditation, Sleep, Diet, Affirmations and Support

2.  MIND:  Dharana - Concentration and Focus
Focus on what you are trying to create and notice when you are getting off balance.  Going from thing to thing, getting scattered and then bring your focus back onto what your priority is.

3.  SPIRIT:  Cobbler - Opening . Transformation 

This is a beautiful message.  I Love this card.  Results from focusing, having an intention and seeing the change.  Be open to receiving and to change, new ideas and inspiration, even when you are already and expert.

To watch the full YouTube video- https://youtu.be/5oWMqxEzA9I
Happy Spring Love,

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