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weekly card readings May 06, 2019

Intuitive Card Reading with Heather Neighbour from our 2019 Intuitive Self-Care retreat.  (If you want to join us next year email [email protected])

Intention for this card reading is:  Reflection
Take a moment to close your eyes and reflect on your past week, month or this year.  How have things been going?  How has your 1-word intention for the year been showing up for you?

BODY:  Victory Breath - Celebrate . Victorious
Moving your body feels good.  Body feels so good with a regular yoga practice.  When you do it consistently it is fantastic how movements can get easier and become more comfortable.  Celebrate your muscle memory and celebrate when you get to a yoga class, go for a walk or jump on your bike.

MIND:  Niyamas - Positive Environment . Observances
Reflection with all the ladies on what’s been working as well as what has been challenging and how to keep creating a positive environment.  Notice when your mind feels very clean, positive and inspired so that you can also notice when your mind goes into lack, judgement or self-doubt.  Then connect to cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-study and devotion to bring you back to your happy place.  Affirmations are key:  "I love and approve of myself."

SPIRIT:  Legs up the wall - Nurturing . Healing
This has been a beautiful week of nurturing and healing self.  Even when you aren’t on retreat what can you do to nurturing yourself?  Add some cucumber to your water, sit in the sunshine (even if it’s in your car) and do legs up the wall.  Allow your mind to calm by closing your eyes and take some long, slow, smooth, steady breaths.


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