What Brings You Joy?

weekly card readings Aug 26, 2018

Here’s your card reading for the week with a focus on Crossroads and Change:


BODY: Mountain Pose– Balance . Stabilized
This card is telling you to find the balance in your life this fall between work, play, scheduling and relaxation.  When you have the balance then you will be able to put more energy into what you want in your life.  What will bring you joy and happiness

MIND: Third Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra– Power . Courage . Visible
Here you are being asked to find the courage to be seen, allowing your unique individuality to be visible and powerful.  Mentally know that you are here for a purpose and courageously keep moving towards it.

SPIRIT: Mudra– Energy . Symbolic
There are signs reminding you ALL the time that you are on your right path.  Perhaps you find a dime, feather, see various animals or notice lights flickering telling that you that you are not alone and are fully supported.

Love and Namaste,
Candace xoxox

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