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What Happened to Your Energy?

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2018

How has your energy been lately?  I’ve been hearing from many clients that they’ve had low energy, they aren’t sure what to focus on and have been struggling to stay with what they know they “should” do.  Don’t “should” on yourself!!! haha

Sometimes it’s best to relax your personal expectation and just do what you can! I start with drinking more water. I know, I know, you hear and read ALL the time that you are suppose to drink more water, my kids joke that drinking water has always been my fix all.

BUT…. when you think about it, increasing your water intake is super EASY to do.  Way easier than going for a run, doing Facebook live videos or writing a new book. Drinking more water is a start to bring you back into awareness, it will start to change your vibration and you’ll be doing at least 1 good thing for yourself!

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Card of the Week for Self-Care:

Ajna Chakra:  3rd Eye Chakra– Intuition . Visualization
Stay connected to your intuition this week by meditating and finding some quiet time. Keep an eye on your energy level and notice, especially if you are feeling unfocused.

Love and gratitude,
Candace xoxox


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