The Veil is THIN. Your Female Ancestors are Supporting you NOW, More Than EVER!

Jul 06, 2020

The Veil is THIN. Your Female Ancestors are Supporting you NOW, More Than EVER!

BODY - Yamas - non-violence. Truthfulness. Non-stealing. Moderation. Non-grasping:

This card is asking you how are you feeling right now? You are likely picking up on all of the collective Energyright now which is heavy with responsibility. 
Physically shake it off, take a good long napand then consciously lighten upyour energy by chatting with friends, music and a game night! 


MIND - Cat / Cow - Trust . Surrender

Again this card is about moving and dispelling energy. Our back is our spiritual body, have you been getting a sore back?
Keep your spine, energy, mind flexible by getting out of your head and moving your body.


SPIRIT - Eagle - Messages From Spirit . Signs

The veil is thinright now.  Several of my clients have been having visits and dreams with Grand and Great-Grand Mothers. A lot of women are passing right now, heading to the other side to offer help from there. Watch for signs and KNOW that your female ancestors are there to support youon your path more than ever now! 

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Love and Inspiration to you!
Candace xoxox

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