my privilege has allowed me the luxury of feeling without any horrific racist experiences of my own. 

Jun 01, 2020

As an intuitive, I’m sure you’re feeling all of the collective energies right now and they are NOT easy to navigate.  I personally am feeling the anger, sadness and shame very strongly in my body and emotions, but it’s not about me - in fact, my privilege has allowed me the luxury of feeling without any horrific racist experiences of my own. 


Spirit guided me on Saturday to turn towards my trusted leaders and mentors.  Kerri Kelly founder of CTZN Well, Seane Corn founder of Off the Mat, Into the World (both of these women I’ve trained with and traveled to India with) along with Michelle Cassandra Johnson author of Skill In Action and Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams in an online course The Wellness of We, which was scheduled to run even before the death of George Floyd.  I attended this course to be educated on all that I don’t know about racism.


 As long as we’re feeling the horrors of racism it’s a start, next step is to begin conversation.  We’re not going to get them right, our conversations will be messy and we might say the “wrong” thing, pissing people off.  


While you’re thinking you don’t know what to do, turn towards your intuition and compassion, knowing that answers are within you.


I personally keep going inward to spirit and intuition to help me navigate what to do and what to say, just trying to do my best for you.  This email wasn’t an easy one to write which I started and stopped several times over the weekend.  Yet I needed to say something, to be here for you as we grieve, learn and grow together.


So, at this time I encourage you to stay connected to your Truth.  Do what’s right for you, without influence, shame or guilt, but from that place of your own inner knowing.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, even my greatest teacher Seane shared with us a mistake she made on Friday which she apologized for on Saturday.


Ask yourself what’s right for YOU, and take action when the time is right. Don’t be afraid to be the Leader that you are, the one who follows her intuition and knows that she’s here to be of service to others.  To support and hold space, to love and to empower.  


Love and peace is what I lead with today and will pray for tonight.

Candace xoxoxo



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