Intuitive Card Reading for Opening to 2020!

Jan 21, 2020


BODY:  Mudra / Gesture  - Energy . Symbolic 
Creating goals, resolutions and making plans is very symbolic for us to do on  New Years Day... but how can we create a symbolic gesture that will continue to bring us back to our intention?  I like to create a word cloud.  I put my word for the year in the centre and then add supporting words that help to manifest my full intention / vision.  This image gives an opportunity to keep checking in with the energy around what you want.  

MIND:  Drishti / Focal Point - Vision . Gaze
Continuing on from the first card - keep your gaze onto the big picture.  Now that you have your word cloud, you might even want to create a vision board!  Add photos and images that support your 2020 intention and what you want to manifest this year, this decade!  Prevent getting in your head about how it will manifest and instead shift any self doubt to "Yes, I'm excited for this to come!!!"

SPIRIT:  Mountain Pose - Balance . Stabilized
This card is wanting us to check in with where we're putting most of our time and energy.  In November I was reading the book by Marie Forleo Everything is Figureoutable (recommend) and she suggests doing a time log.  I kept track of what I was doing and how long it took me. What I discovered is that cleaning takes less time than I thought it did and social media takes more time than I thought.
To create more balance in your life this is a good way to see where you're spending your time. Then put your precious time and energy into what you want, love and gets you juiced up!

****REMINDER: I offer FREE Intuitive Card Readings for everyone who tunes in at 8:30am (mdt) for Intuitive Tuesday FBLive!


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