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Get Out of the Snow and Onto the Beach

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

Who’s Coming to Mexico????    

You won’t ever regret doing this for yourself!  We have a few spots still available for April 1 – 8th, 2019 retreat.  Put your deposit down to join us in this incredibly beautiful, safe and luxurious environment with a small, intimate group of women.

Take this week to do something fabulous for yourself!!!

Watch this weeks full card reading from Mexico on Sticking To It with special guest Janet, in the video below!


Card Reading at a Glance

For more details watch this weeks video)

Focus-  Sticking To It
BODY Bliss – Trust . Synchronicity
Trusting in yourself, your guides and that you are taking the right step.

MIND:  Seated Staff Pose– Individuality . Character
Staying true to your character.  Character of integrity.

SPIRIT:  Triangle– Mystery . Magic
Spirit has a plan for us, so stay open to the magic. Anything is possible!  We don’t stick to it sometime because we lose faith.

Thank you Janet for sharing your insight and how much you loved the retreat.
“I loved this retreat, it is life changing and is beyond anything I ever expected.”  ~ Janet

Love and gratitude,
Candace xoxox


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