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Cyber Monday Special

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

Cyber Monday One Day ONLY Discount!!!


I’ll admit I got pretty sucked into all of the Black Friday hype! Daren and I were at Best Buy at 10:00 am!  We wandered the store looking for the few items that we thought we might find on sale. Our kids showed up at 11:00 and by noon we all left without any of us purchasing a thing! After attempting a couple more stores we decided this wasn’t working for us!  Were we missing something???

However….. I do LOOOVE getting a deal! 

So, I’ve decided offer one to you!!!

 Here is it -

$400.00 off 
our next Mexico Retreat when you put your deposit down today!!!


I personally want to invite you to take a look at our next Intuitive Self-Care Mexico Retreat for the Divine Feminine (that's our fancy name) and decide if 2020 is going to be YOUR time.


This retreat has been the catalyst for many past participants to catapult themselves into their vision, gain clarity and direction of their purpose and then ignite the confidence to go for it.  They're no longer staying stuck or play small, but instead make themselves a priority and invest in their future.  I'm so impressed with these women who are now change makers, leaders and living their best lives!


If you’re feeling like there must be more and you’ve decided that 2020 is YOUR time to make yourself a priority, move towards your worthiness, wealth and wellness or it’s time to  step into what you desire, then know that this retreat will support you and your dreams!


Hold your spot today and receive a $400.00 discount!!! (the final payment of your retreat will be $400.00 less when you sign up today ONLY!)

Invite your friend and you'll both receive this same great offer!!!

Intuitive Self-Care Retreat 

San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico  

March 29-April 5, 2020

Intuitive Self-Care Mexico Retreat


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