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What do you want? NOT what you don't want!!

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2020

BODY Concentration: Focus . Unwind:  What do you want? Where will you put your energy this month? Only YOU knows what YOU truly, truly, deep down want to manifest.  When you take the time to put your energy into what you want / your dream - visualize it, meditate on it, write out what you want, speak about it and clear out space for your new desires to physically come into your life.  IT HAPPENS - JUST LIKE MAGIC... 

MIND Triangle: Mystery . Magic
THIS SHIT WORKS!!!!  I always joke when I'm doing card readings that we can't make this shit up.  But I'm telling you, Where you focus your energy WILL grow!!!  It grows like magic!!!  What do YOU want?  Not what you DON'T want!  Get clear, ASK for it and expect it to happen.  Instead of asking if you can have it, reply "of course I'll get it, I'm worth it!!"
Email me right now and tell me, What do you WANT????  [email protected]

SPIRIT Third Chakra / Solar Plexus:  Power . Courage . Visible
It isn't easy to ask for and then receive what you want, to follow your intuitive guidance.  It's vulnerable, scary and uncertain.  BUT.... Tell me... What the hell are you waiting for?  If you want to run your own business, start a new project, take some exciting new training or ask your boss for a raise.  What are you waiting for?  I know it's scary AF, but you can do it!!!  There's support for you, guidance and help!!!  I'm here for you, tell me:  WHAT DO YOU WANT?   [email protected]

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Love and Inspiration to you!
Candace xoxox


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