Intuitive Card Reading June 23, 2020

Jun 23, 2020

Let's Lead with our HEART Chakra!

BODY Pyramid: Ancient . Cellular Memory:  Interesting! This was the mind card in my last email. Pyramid is telling us to stay connected to our inner knowing, we're clearing up some past karma right now, so keep taking deep breaths as you move forward. 

MIND Seva: Community . Charity
What can you do right now to be of service?  It's a time to speak up against anti-racism and do what you can to be an ally to BIPOC.  I am choosing to offer, very substantial discounts to support Indigenous Women to follow their purpose.  This feel right for me. How are you being called to be of service?

SPIRIT Twist:  Choice . Elimination
Spirit wants us to eliminate what keeps us from following our intuitive guidance.  To stay on our spiritual path we'll need to make some hard decisions, put ourselves out there and get out of our own way.  It's our ego that keeps us sitting on the couch and prevents us from taking action.  It's your choice! 

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Love and Inspiration to you!
Candace xoxox

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