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Welcome to Candace McKim's Online Master Classes!

The REAL Reason Why You Feel Like Something Is
Holding You Back… And How to FINALLY Have the Impact, the Purpose, and the Peace You Deserve!

Candace McKim offers LIVE, online workshops! Grab a friend and choose any of the Manifesting Your Magic Workshops on Intuition, Soul Purpose, Spiritual Vision, Chakras and even Oracle Card readings!
These Master Classes are sample classes from all of Candace's Teachings, including the Intuition Coaching Academy Certification Training.
You'll be accessing your intuition and infinite magic in order to take it even further into the world.
You'll get clear on your purpose and create deeper meaning to help you really show up fully in your beautiful, magical, feminine energy. 
With this deep connection to your Worth, Wealth, Wellness & Wisdom, we’ll take a deep dive into the 5 key components in order for you fully Manifest your Magic.
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April 2024


How to Effortlessly Manifest all you Desire & More

Online Masterclass with Candace McKim
April 23rd at 1:00-2:00pm (MDT)

How to Effortlessly Manifest All you Desire & More


Are you tired of feeling like you have to constantly monitor your thoughts, visualize every morning, or start a gratitude journal just to manifest your desires? It's time to break free from the limiting beliefs around manifestation and unlock your true manifesting potential! 

Join us for our Manifestation Magic Master Class: "How to Effortlessly Manifest All You Desire & More"

We'll be busting the myths around manifestation and revealing the truth about what it really takes to manifest your dreams.

Say goodbye to outdated manifestation techniques and hello to a new paradigm of manifesting that's easy, effortless, and aligned with your true desires. 

In this FREE Masterclass, you'll discover:

  • Understanding Manifestation: The truth about manifestation and why traditional methods may not be working for you
  • Effortless Manifestation:  Learn how to tap into your innate manifesting power without the need for constant monitoring or visualization
  • Alignment:  Explore practical strategies for aligning with your desires and effortlessly attracting what you want into your life
  • Real-life success stories: Hear real-life success stories  of people who have manifested their dreams using our proven techniques 
  • Q&A Session: Get your burning questions answered and gain clarity on how to apply manifestation principles in your own life.

Don't miss this opportunity to break free from limiting beliefs around manifestation and step into a new paradigm of effortless manifestation!

Reserve your spot now and let's unlock your manifestation magic together.

How to Effortlessly Manifest all you Desire & More

Online Masterclass with Candace McKim
April 23rd at 1:00-2:00pm (MDT)


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