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Learn from Candace McKim, Intuitive Manifestation Coach and Teacher,  TEDx Speaker, #1 International Best Selling Author and Founder of Manifestation Mastery.
Candace has spent decades manifest what they Deeply Desire in a matter of months easily and sustainably!

MANIFESTATION actually feels like MAGIC!


Self-Led Program is a step by step process designed for you to manifest you deepest desires easily and sustainably!

How many of you feel like you just aren’t manifesting correctly?

That somehow you must be doing something wrong?  Maybe you're not saying the right affirmations, 

you're visualizing incorrectly or 

you’re not grateful enough to manifest what you want.  

Maybe you “should” be journaling

Or It’s because you’re not meditating?

Well I’m here to tell you this Manifestation Magic Course is going to figure it all out for you.  We are going to bust myths around what to do and what not to do... 


In just 4 months you will be a master at manifesting and will be well on your way to actually receiving what it is that you deeply desire.
Register now and lets get started!

I’m telling you… 

This process WORKS! It’s absolutely amazing and I am excited to share with you some of the stories of people who have gone through this process and have received exactly what they wanted or MORE /  BETTER!

This course & it's profound method is perfect for you if:

1. You've tried various manifestation techniques but haven't seen the results you desire. This course will guide you through a proven method to unlock your manifestation potential and attract what you truly desire into your life.

2. You feel overwhelmed or confused by the abundance of manifestation advice out there. This course cuts through the noise and offers a clear, step-by-step approach to manifestation that aligns with your unique journey.

3. You're ready to break free from limiting beliefs and step into your power as a deliberate creator. Manifestation Magic provides the tools and support you need to overcome obstacles and manifest your dreams with confidence.

4. You're seeking a holistic approach to manifestation that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Through this course, you'll learn how to harness the power of your intuition, align your energy with your desires, and take inspired action towards your goals.

5. You're committed to investing in your personal growth and ready to embrace a transformative journey. Manifestation Magic isn't just a course—it's an opportunity to expand your consciousness, deepen your connection to yourself and the universe, and create lasting change in your life.

This course is NOT for you if:

1.If you're not open to exploring new ideas or challenging your existing beliefs about manifestation.

2.You're looking for a quick fix or overnight solution to your problems, rather than committing to a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

3. You're not willing to invest time and effort into practicing the techniques and exercises provided in the course.

4. You're seeking guarantees or promises of specific outcomes, rather than embracing the process of exploration and experimentation that comes with manifestation work.

5. You're not ready to take responsibility for your own life and choices, and prefer to blame external circumstances or other people for your lack of success.






Manifestation Magic
Self-Led Program

Are you ready to manifest your deepest desires?  Are you primed to dive into your intuition and bravely follow your intuitive guidance? Do you want life to be fun and provide you the freedom to live with lavish joy?

Manifestation Magic Self-Led - Online Program

A Self-led Program for You to Manifest What You Desire!

Are you ready to unleash the power of manifestation and bring your deepest desires to life? Are you prepared to tap into your intuition, follow your inner guidance fearlessly, and infuse your life with boundless joy and freedom?

Step into your higher vibration self and transcend mere management and coping – it's time to thrive!

Release the limitations holding you back and reconnect with your innate passion, abundance, and confidence. Embark on a transformative journey with us to harness your Manifestation skills, deepen your spiritual connection, and become part of something extraordinary.

In just 4 months, you'll be well on your way to manifesting your dreams and creating the life you truly desire.


Let me share a powerful story about the magic of manifestation.
When I introduced this program to two close friends, we embarked on our manifestation journey together.
Starting in November, we met bi-weekly, and by Mid-January, all three of us were deeply immersed in manifesting our visions.

Woman One had a vision of creating a sound healing sanctuary on her property.
She began researching and as soon as spring hit she built a sound therapy dome. Soon  after she left her corporate job to pursue her passion full-time.


Woman Two manifested her dream home in the Rocky Mountain foothills with a breathtaking view. By April, she had moved into the exact house she had visualized.  She had even had an image of the home with the exact view on her vision board.


As for me, Woman Three, I desired to take my work globally as well as to go to India. By January, I had signed up for a Global Seva Challenge, with my affiliated organization, I raised $20,000.00 for victims of sex trafficking and soon found myself on a bare witness journey to India. This became a powerful and completely life changing experience.


This process works – and it works fast!!!
Opportunities arrive almost instantly, and  dreams materialize before your eyes.

With the added support of laser coaching, you'll receive the clarity and direction you need every step of the way!

Are you ready to manifest your wildest dreams and transform your life?

The time is now.
Let's embark on this journey together!

For more information On Manifestation Magic Course book a call with Candace click on the red link:  https://candacemckim.as.me/candaceclaritycall

The Details of What's in This Program

Click below to find out what you get when you sign up for Manifestation Magic


Manifestation Magic Course Self-led Program

Video and Audio recordings for you to watch or listen to at your own pace!

 PDF handouts and exercises for you to work through at your own pace.

PLUS, BONUS:  A 90 minute Deep Dive Session to get laser clear on what you want to manifest. ($550 Value)


  • Audio and video recordings of each module held in your kajabi library to work through at your own pace.
  • PDF handouts and exercises to use to help you come back to your intuition and get unstuck. “Homework suggestions”
  • Guided meditations to help you stay connected to your vision. Each meditation will be recorded and then made available as a downloadable audio file.
  • Recorded Yoga classes to use every day.
  •  Processes to offer you a deeper understanding; of where you may be blocked, your life challenges, how to stay connected to your Spiritual Growth and inspiration to help you live with purpose and prosperity.   
  • SO MUCH INCREDIBLE VALUE - This program will transform your life!

In these course trainings you will learn:

  •  Which manifestation strategies will work for you.
  • How to access and align to the universal energies that are at play.
  • New ways to connect to your deepest desires.
  •  A tried and true process that will work with every aspect of your life. 
  •  The proven processes of working with energy centers on a deeper and profound level.  
  •  How to access each quality of the energy centers which will in turn get you laser clear to manifest. 
  •  Breakthrough any barriers holding you back and get you fully prepared to embrace your manifestation!!! 
  •  Support, coaching and intuitive Guidance.
Manifestation Magic Course Outline:  

Module 1: Deepening Your Connection to Source - Dive into a deeper understanding of your connection to Source energy - Explore spiritual practices to enhance your connection and intuition.

Module 2: Clarifying Your Deepest Desires - Get crystal clear on what you truly desire in all areas of your life - Identify the underlying motivations and authentic desires behind your goals
Module 3: Aligning with Your Desires - Learn how to speak about your desires with clarity and conviction - Connect to the authentic parts of yourself and the deeper why behind your desires
Module 4: Cultivating Relationships for Manifestation - Uncover the relationships that support and amplify your manifesting journey - Explore the ripple effects of your desires on your family, community, and the world
Module 5: Embodying Confidence and Bravery - Cultivate the confidence and bravery to boldly pursue your desires - Release limiting beliefs and step into your power as a deliberate creator
Module 6: Harnessing Emotional Mastery - Explore the emotions surrounding your desires and how to navigate them - Cultivate emotional resilience and mastery to stay aligned with your manifestations
Module 7: Igniting Your Creative Juices - Tap into your creativity as a powerful tool for manifestation - Explore creative visualization techniques to bring your desires to life
Module 8: Opening to Receive - Cultivate a mindset of abundance and openness to receive your desires - Practice gratitude and appreciation to amplify the manifestation process
BONUS: A 90-Minute Deep Dive Session to get laser clear on what you want to manifest using this process!
Don't miss this opportunity to transform your manifesting journey and unlock the magic of manifestation in your life.
Enroll now and start manifesting your deepest desires with confidence and clarity!

How it works:

Sign up now to change your life in a matter of Months!

Register and pay right here through the link below.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions for how to access your library of recorded videos, audios, handouts and exercises.  Plus you will be invited to our Closed Facebook Group: A Circle Of Women.


Payment Options

Pay once or choose to make monthly payments for Manifestation Magic!

Manifestation Magic Self-Led
Online Program
One Time Payment

ONCE $888.00

One Time Payment with Pay-in-Full discount

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Manifestation Magic Self-led
Online Program
Payment Plan


Payment taken each month for the next  4 months 

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Payment Options CDN

Pay once or choose to make monthly payments for Manifestation Magic!

Manifestation Magic Self-Led
Online Program
One Time Payment

ONCE - $888.00

One Time Payment CDN with the
Pay-in-Full Discount 

Yes, get me registered!

Manifestation Magic Self-Led
Online Program
Payment Plan


Payment taken each month CDN for the next  4 months 

Yes, get me registered!

Are You Ready?

Candace McKim demystifies the practice of using your Manifestation and Intuition to help you move through fear and discomfort onto your path.

Along with Candace’s years of Intuitive Manifestation Coaching experience and her practical guide to living a yogic lifestyle, she’ll help you stay inspired and clear with a fun and easy flow.




Here's what others have said about A Manifestation Magic

"When I miss a session I really, really miss it and am disappointed. I love the connection, the raw sharing, I love how open and comfortable I feel with sharing. It brings me back in line. It’s coaching and a reminder. We know and we don’t live it everyday, but this circle brings me back and it’s so helpful hearing each others stories and learning."


"The connection - It’s like a lifeline. It took time for me to share, but then it gave me the Ability to get back into my power more and gave me strength. "


"Growth for me. I’ve learned tidbits from each participant and been able to apply much of it to what I’d like to bring into my life. I really took to heart what you said about perfectionists. These Tuesdays have generated a desire for more... more knowledge, more intuition, more connection. Candace, You are an amazing rock star woman and deserve not just the applause but all the brilliant encore requests. "


"I always get so much from the circle. I wouldn’t have done Meatless Mondays, or written a cookbook, if I hadn’t had the support of the Circle. There's something so powerful about a group of compassionate women who cherish and cheerlead to help me the person my dog thinks I am!It is the loving kick in the pants that keeps me grounded! "



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