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Business Training

for Soulpreneurs

with Candace McKim

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Level UP!

Are you a Soulpreneur ready to level up your business? Do you long for deeper connections and collaboration opportunities?

Get some CLARITY!

Receive actionable strategies and clear direction for your business. Plus, embrace your niche and claim yourself as the expert!


It's Time to IGNITE your Business!


Are you ready to release overwhelm and perfectionism to build your empire with ease and grace?

Do you fear not fully living your purpose?

 I know, I've been there!  I remember sitting on the hockey bench talking to one of the other Mom’s and saying:

“You know, I just don’t want to be on my deathbed and wish I had at least TRIED!”  When those words came out of my mouth it was like a lightbulb went off and continues to spark me on my path.

It's TIME to let go of the 1 biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make in their businesses!

So often we look outside of ourselves for answers and we push ourselves into overwhelm and burnout!


Whether youre established in your business already, are ready to level up or launch into a new career, heres where youll find the connection, strategies and motivation that you are looking for. 

 Candace demystifies the practice of using your intuition as your superpower to IGNITE your business!   You'll not only gain the actionable strategies, but also the ability to clear out everything that holds you back PLUS build connections

70% of business is mindset, and so often we get caught up in limiting beliefs that keeps us playing small.

Along with Candaces years of entrepreneurial experience and her practical guide to living on purpose, shell help you stay inspired, ignited and clear in a simple charming manor.

Receive incredible support with our live, online Group Coaching Calls in Candace McKim's IGNITE- Business Training for Soulpreneurs.

Journey with us to harness your intuition, develop your niche and belong to something great!


Here's What Others have to say about Business Training with Candace McKim


“Hey Candace, I just finished facilitating my workshop and I want to give you a BIG shout out.  I have never made a dime from any of the trainings Ive taken and Im only a couple weeks out from your training and have already made $700.00.  That may seem small, but for me thats really huge for me and a great start, and I just wanted to express my gratitude.” ~ Karen


"The impact Candace’s training has had is huge.  It has helped me to believe in myself and to trust my intuition and to be free to talk about my gifts.  Now with tapping into them, the power has increased.  Believing in myself now!” ~ Yolanda


"Like so many others I was laid off due to Covid, so I found myself asking where do I go from here?I felt a lack of purpose, drive, motivation. I was truly unsure about what direction I wanted to proceed in. And thats when I discovered Candace’s training. I’ve done other trainings over the past 4 years, but Candace’s coaching showed me how I can use those trainings, combined with my intuition, to help other women level up in their lives. Now I am able to move forward with confidence and easily identify what opportunities align with my true self. "  ~ Ashley


"I knew in my gut I wanted to serve, help and support other women but was unsure how and even why I had this urge.  When I came across Candace’s training I immediately signed up for a clarity call with Candace. During this call we discussed the potential of diving into  my current gifts as well as  going into how to develop a business to provide this service. After Candace’s training I feel capable and eager to launch my own business in a way that feels aligned to my purpose.” ~ Brenda 



We're always in a state of flux and change is good, though definitely not always easy to navigate.  We know we're here for greatness and for something more in life but how do we get there?  How do we find the confidence to keep moving towards our goals?

 IGNITE Business Training for Soulpreneurs will bring you clear actionable steps for you to level up your business and break the glass ceiling.

 You will get clear on who your Ideal Client is.

You will uncover your unique niche

You'll design your messaging, secrets and be able to confidently share them.

You will connect to other incredible soulpreneurs for connection and collaboration opportunities.

Continue to clear out limiting mindset habits, stay connected to your intuition and feel accountable to your vision!


IGNITE Business Training for Soulprenerus is about bringing a group of rockstar women together to fully support each other in their intentions to grow their businesses.  DISCOVER and stay connected to your intuition and gain the authentic support you desire

You’ll receive all of this…

PLUS, one-on-one Intuitive Coaching sessions with Candace McKim Intuitive Coaching.


This is an ongoing training beginning 

May 5th, 2021

for either 3, 6 or 12 months
Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm (mt)
3 Weeks Live plus 1 integration week each month. 

Register NOW



Book a Complimentary Clarity Call (link at the botton of the page) with Candace McKim to gain insight and direction. 
OR  If you KNOW you're a YES!  Register and pay right here through the links below.
We will be meeting Monday mornings from 10:00am-11:30am starting January 18, 2021 - June 21, 2021
***3 weeks/month live zoom calls Plus 1 week for integration.


Once you register you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions for how to connect into group sessions, instructions for how to access your library of audio, videos recording and PDF handouts.  Plus you’ll be invited to our Closed Facebook Group: IGNITE Business Training for Soulpreneurs.
ALSO,  You’ll immediately receive Lead With Intuition online training to get you started.
 You’ll be invited to book a complimentary 60 Minute intuition coaching session with Candace at your convenience within the program dates every 3 months. Notice and Link will be emailed out each quarter.

The Details of What's in This Program

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Are You Ready?

Book a complimentary Clarity Call with Candace's team to discuss your business and see

if this program is right for YOU!




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