Intuitive 1-on-1 Sessions


“Make Time for You”

Candace offers a variety of Intuitive One on One Sessions for you to choose from:

Group calls are good but sometimes you need something more personal that is focused on just you.

This option is excellent for the woman who are trying to be everything to everyone.  Her life may appear from the outside as perfectly beautiful, yet on the inside she feels something is missing. This woman yearns for a spiritual connection and to follow the sound of her intuition by stepping fully into her purpose and to value her feminine power. As she continues to seek, learn and search, she experiences fear of walking wholly on that path due to ridicule, confrontation or loss of security.

Candace will help you to recognize your inner knowing, to follow your souls calling to live fully, joyfully and courageously on purpose.  It’s time to make YOU a priority!

Be guided to recognize your intuitive hits.

  • Gain a new perspective to repetitive situations to fiercely move forward into your best life ever.
  • During your session you will be given tools and your own personal recommendations to improve or maintain your focus and wellness.
  • All sessions are completely confidential and can be by telephone, FaceTime or Skype. In-office sessions are available by request.
  • Please honour a 48 hour cancellation policy to avoid being charged for a missed session.


Coaching Services Available

30 mins:  Intuitive Card Reading

In this Intuitive Card Reading session with Candace  you will begin with a grounding for clarity.  Then 3 cards will drawn for you representing Body, Mind or Spirit.  Candace will intuitive guide you to relate these cards with their position and your question offering direction, insight and a new perspective for you to consider.

This is a telephone session and Candace will call you at the scheduled time.

60 mins: Intuitive Coaching
Book an Intuitive Coaching session with Candace to offer you a way to re-connect to and understand what your  intuition asking of you, how to follow your inner guidance, all while creating sustainability and support.  Candace offers a new way of looking at a situation and offers you permission to be you.

These sessions are done via zoom or telephone.  After purchasing, you will be sent the necessary information by email.

90 mins:  Intuitive Deep Dive/ Chakra Balancing
Deep Dive sessions with Candace are for personal or business growth. Together we will look at your present situation, what your intuition is telling you, how to follow inner guidance and have your chakras balanced to create sustainability and support.  PLUS, your astrologic chart will be uncovered for even greater insight,  wisdom and permission to be you.

These sessions are done via zoom or telephone. After purchasing, you will be sent the necessary information by email.

To arrange an in-office session email [email protected]

Looking forward to exploring with you!


If you have questions or need more information or payment options, send an an email to [email protected]

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