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Author, Speaker, Intuitive Coach

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Welcome to Candace's site, where you will find intuitive coaching programs, trainings, retreats and speaking engagements designed to help you bring your Spiritual Vision into your life and business.  Whether you’re looking for a massive business overhaul, committed to launching your business or you want a quick daily support this is where you’ll find it.

Candace demystifies the practice of using your intuition and includes it as part of daily life.



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Public Speaker

Expert speaker, seminar leader, workshop facilitator, TEDX presenter, and retreat guide.  Book Candace for your event.

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From LIVE weekly workshops, to personal Coaching Calls, and Retreats find out how YOU can connect with Candace.

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What is Yogini?

Yogini is a woman who lives yoga. Yoga means to yoke together our body and mind with our spirit.

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Check out all of Candace's upcoming Trainings such as her Intuitive Coaching Academy.

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A La Carte Items

Find all my Retail Items here that accompany her Online Courses & Workshops.

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Yoga Classes & Meditations

Join Candace for a series of Yoga classes on video. Plus, gain access to her FREE Meditation!

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Catch up on Candace's Bi-Weekly Oracle Card Readings & our Meatless Monday Recipes.

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Candace guides you to identify your path, supporting you to courageously stay connected to your intuition and value your feminine power.

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Intuition Is A Choice- TedX Talk

Candace McKim is a Yoga / Chakra Therapist and Spiritual Director who combines the wisdom and benefits of Yoga with her Social Work / Counselling Experience and her own life situations as a path to Optimal Health.

Women & Worth, Wealth & Wellness- BLU Talk

In this talk Candace McKim inspires WOMEN to get excited about re-connecting to powerful divine femininity by truly honouring personal herstories.

"I attended the Intuition is a Choice workshop and I can honestly say it changed my life. Candace is an amazing guide-she has an incredible capacity to go very deep, share her wisdom and and at the same time you can feel her joy and have some fun. At one point we were asked to listen to our intuition. I immediately heard "Ask for help' when I tried to dismiss it, it was booming in my head. That workshop was almost a year ago and I hear that same message on an almost daily basis-it has changed how I live and lead and helped me launch an incredible non profit. I don’t know where I would be without that 'tap' and the opportunity to listen."

Leona Devinne

"After attending Candace Mckim’s Intuition Is A Choice workshop I felt confident and empowered to listen to the quiet voice within. This voice is our connection to the Divine and will always guide us to be our best selves. Candace helps you discover the power of your femininity and to step into it and own it. She shares her wisdom of yoga, diet, chakras and meditation in a way that makes it seem doable so that we can all find balance, joy and peace in our lives. Thank you Candace for helping me find the tools I need to be more connected with the love and support that comes from within. Namaste."

Jori-lynn Strong

"Candace’s workshop helped to motivate me to trust my own intuition as well as the confidence to seek out others to support and nourish it. The combination of her book “Yogini’s guide – Intuition is a choice ‘ with the workshop is like having my personal ‘Yogini” coach. Finally someone who brings Yoga to “real” life practice and teaches us why we do the poses and how they can help us. Brilliant workshop by someone who lives what she believes and follows her own intuition."

Brenda Pelland-McIntosh

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Join Our Circle Of Friends!

Be the first to know about Candace's latest speaking engagements, workshops, retreats and all other Yogini's Guide offerings!