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Welcome to Yogini's Guide - Online Workshops!

Candace McKim offers LIVE, online workshops! Grab a friend and choose any of the Manifesting Your Magic Workshops on Intuition, Pendulums, Chakras and even Oracle Card readings!
We are excited to announce we are now offering a FREE weekly workshop called The 6 Pillars of Intuitive Coaching {Master Class}!
In these Workshops we'll be accessing your intuition and infinite magic in order to take it even further into the world. They will help you to get clear on your purpose and create deeper meaning to help you really show up fully in your beautiful, magical, feminine energy. 
With this deep connection to your Worth, Wealth, Wellness & Wisdom, we’ll take a deep dive into the 5 key components in order for you fully Manifest your Magic.
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APRIL 2021


{FREE Master Class} with Candace McKim
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Oracle cards offer insight, direction and clarity of any question or decision you’re making. 


What insight do you need for your Body? 

What do you need cleared out for your Mind?

Are you getting messages from Spirit?


Join this Fun FREE Master Class - Intuitive Card Reading to get answers from your body, mind and Spirit.  We’ll be using Yogini’s Guide to Intuition Oracle Cards!!!


I was intuitively drawn to create the deck of oracle cards Yogini’s Guide to Intuition.  When I was teaching yoga I would get intuitive hits about what the yoga postures meant on a spiritual level.

While I was editing the deck I KNEW there was more information I needed to share and added that information into the book Yogini’s Guide - Intuition Is A Choice.


In this class you’ll learn how:

  • to clear your deck of others energy
  • add your energy to your deck of cards
  • to connect to the spirit of your own understanding
  • to get direction, insight and clarity
  • bring together your own intuition with the cards meaning for a WOW factor


“you can’t make this shit up!”

{FREE Master Class}
with Candace McKim

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 7:00pm - 8:15pm MDT


{FREE Master Class} with Candace McKim
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Are you ready to learn more about astrology?
Why do you:     Make lists?     Lose your keys?    Cry at commercials? or     Say what’s on your mind?
What makes you the person that others feel comfortable talking with, or the one to organize things and get them done?  
Our astrological chart dictates wether we are creative, intuitive, sensitive or sensible...  
Join this free class where you’ll learn ALL about the elements: 
Earth, Air, Fire, Water 
and how the elements are the base of so many energetically based modalities.  
We’ll touch on your astrological charts and uncover how you’re being lead to do what you do and how you do it!
This is a super fun class for you to learn more about yourself and your characteristics as well as get a glimpse into what the Intuitive Coaching Academy trainings are all about.
This is a jammed pack full class so plan to be on time with pen and paper in hand.

{FREE Master Class}
with Candace McKim

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 7:00pm - 8:15pm MDT
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